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i am a plus sized woman and i walked into there and the first thing she had to say to me was i dont have anything in here for you.i asked her if that ment she didn't sell plus sized wedding gowns and she told me no.

I still wanted to look around to see the styles of wedding dresses and isa would not let me even look. She told me that women my size should not wear a gown. I walked out of the store in tears i have never in my life have been treated so badly by someone because of my weight.

I dont think it is professional to throw someone out of the store because they are plus size.And she did this infront of another customer.

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ISA never treated anyone without respect. I have gone to her store for years and always treated with respect and kindness.


Very rude woman.She answered the phone with a bad attitude.

I told her NO THANKS and hung up without even asking her my questions.PLUS, I was there when the store was supposed to be open at 11am and it was not.

Wilmot, New Hampshire, United States #800483

I found her to be a very nice woman when I met her, I'm actually planning a trip there son for a wedding dress.


:sigh Wow I"m so sorry you went through this. What a terrible person she was.

to Em Belmont, New Hampshire, United States #732719

I know Isa personally.She is absolutely NOT a terrible person!

She just tells it like she shes it! I bought my wedding gown from her. It did need some altarations. She fixed it perfectly for me.

I would give her the highest recommendation! She is the BEST seemstress I have ever been to.

She knows what shes doing and is perfect at it!

Posted by Kimberly Clough

to Kim #1367246

Isa is a very nice woman , And would not of done anything intentionally, she was going through a rough period in her life ! She has hardworking skills !! Definitely would recommend her

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